Bits & Pieces – Edition

Bits & Pieces – Edition


Bits & Pieces is a limited edition tool kit that was created through a series of collaborative workshops between Assemble and artist-designers, Stinsensqueeze.

90 cards each 54 x 54 mm
Box 166 x 166 x 24 mm 
Screen Printed in 8 colours
1000 Mic Cairn Board
Edition of 200 + 4 APs


The edition includes 90 cards, with eight different designs, all of which were developed in the context of collective experimentation to determine form, colour and position. The tool kit is being used by Assemble in collaboration with Stinsensequeeze and common-editions, to design their forthcoming book, Collaboration. The book charts the first ten years of Assemble’s collective practice, from the early projects that brought them together, to their work with residents in Granby which was awarded the Turner Prize, to their current projects — all the while reflecting on what it means to work collectively. All proceeds from the sale of Bits & Pieces will be used to fund the production costs of Collaboration, which will be published in early 2021. 

Bits & Pieces is screen printed in eight bespoke colours on 1000 mic grey Cairn Board, presented in a collector’s box and includes a certificate of thanks. Each one of the 200 editions is compiled and numbered by Assemble at their Sugarhouse studios in London. Use these cards to create unique artworks, write messages, or design your own project. Build, play, enjoy! 

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