Collaboration – Book

Collaboration – Book


Collaboration reflects on the ongoing history of Assemble, the collaborative strategies they have developed over their ten-year history, and the many collaborators they have worked with along the way, including the volunteers who built the Cineroleum and Folly for a Flyover, to the ongoing activism of the Community Land Trust in Granby, to the children and playworkers who have made Baltic Street Adventure Playground their own. By giving space to these collaborations, and centering the values of democracy, inclusivity, and difference, Collaboration is conceived as an ongoing documentation of Assemble’s approach to making, material, authorship, and what it means to work collectively. 

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Paperback, 170 x 240 mm


Divided into five thematic sections, this book provides insight into Assemble’s early work, and their transition from a loose group of friends to a fully operational design studio underpinned by non-hierarchical and collective practice. Itself a collective effort, Collaboration was authored collectively across Assemble in a series of dialogue-driven thematic workshops, each focussing on a specific aspect of Assemble’s practice and approach. The book includes contributions from some of Assemble’s many external collaborators, showing projects and process from a variety of viewpoints. Collaboration was edited and designed through a series of conceptual and material workshops with Stinsensqueeze and common-editions, and what emerges is a meditation on experimentation and exchange in both form and content, and a celebration of the simple pleasure — and radical potential — of making things with others.  

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