Ore Valley


The Ore Valley project is a proposal for a new neighbourhood in Hastings that combines affordable housing with workspace that provides opportunities and employment for local people, developed and managed by the Heart of Hastings CLT.

Organised around the principle of common interest rather than individual benefit, the project proposes housing, workspace, and communal amenities all arranged around shared and flexible open spaces.

Conceived by the Heart of Hastings CLT, the Ore Valley project proposes a diverse range of housing types for rent based on need, enthusiasm and contribution. The housing responds to contemporary local needs for smaller dwellings and larger family homes often missing from market-led developments. And it will be designed so that it can adapt to people’s changing needs over their lifetimes.


The Ore Valley project aims to complement the extraordinary landscape of the valley; enhancing and taking advantage of its natural assets. The project will provide generous and adaptable public spaces improving the permeability and connections through the Ore Valley area.

The project would be developed ‘bottom up’ with the full and active involvement of local people groups and businesses. The ambition is that the project would become an inclusive and cohesive community that would benefit and integrate with the wider area and have a dynamic and productive relationship with the rest of Hastings.

The proposal includes spaces for a variety of work, which would aim to help provide for local businesses as they develop, and in doing so encourage individual skills and enterprise. These spaces would not be distinct from the housing in the development, and instead encourage a strong connection.