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Spirit of Play

Spirit of Play is an on-going collaborative research project contributing to the development of a new play offer at National Trust Bristol’s SSSI historical woodland, Leigh Woods .

Working closely with the National Trust’s ecology and engagement rangers, Assemble have run three active, on site child-led research weekends, learning from both the way children occupy and use the woods and the impact their activity has on the delicate ecology. Taking its queue from the National Trust’s national wide research project, Spirit of Place, which captures and champions what visitors to the NT’s properties value, Spirit of Play aims to uncover and champion the existing playful opportunities within the NT’s Leigh Wood.

Spirit of Play was co-commissioned by New Art Trust and Arnolfini Gallery as an off-site project for The Promise, an exhibition of new sited work at Tynesfield House, Bristol. It has been supported by Bristol Children’s Scrap Store.