Limborough Gardens

Assemble have initiated a collaborative project with Poplar HARCA and the residents of Limborough Gardens to create a horticulturally-focused community centre at the heart of their estate. This special greenhouse will combine simple economical elements with flourishes such as hemp-crete walls coloured with dyes grown in the garden, to give the residents an enjoyable, affordable communal amenity.

Limborough Gardens was developed by Assemble as part of a wider scoping exercise which sought to explore and address the underuse of green spaces in the housing estates across Poplar. It will provide a new use for a previously under-used courtyard at the heart of the estate, by creating a space for growing as well as communal eating and meeting.

Assemble have developed the project from its conception in partnership with the residents of Limborough Gardens through ongoing active workshops. These have helped establish a management group for the greenhouse who will use it as a base for their cookery classes, language lessons, and work experience advice. The workshops have also established an engaged base of residents who will be involved in the build of the project, its ongoing maintenance, and who will benefit from having it on their doorstep.