1_An ensemble of characterful spaces

Goldsmiths Art Gallery

Assemble are transforming a series of found historic, listed and infrastructural spaces into a new public art gallery for Goldsmiths University, a site for an active public conversation around contemporary art practice.

The new gallery will be built out of a network of existing spaces within the former Victorian bathhouse at Laurie Grove, to create an ensemble of varied rooms each of which will offer flexibility through their variety. Many of the baths cast-iron water tanks will be preserved, whilst new top-lit galleries will be inserted to provide a distinct spatial counterpoint.

Central to the proposal is the double-height project space, formed by cutting a void in the existing floor plate. By putting an active project space at the heart of the building, the scheme prioritises openness and making opportunities for a wider public to engage in an ongoing conversation of contemporary art practice.

Goldsmiths Gallery is commissioned by Goldsmiths, University of London. 




8_A sequence of varied spaces, each of offering unique opportunities for the display of art

7_A project space will face the new public square

9_A theatrical loading bay will become the arrival point for both people and artwork to the gallery




4_The new clerestory gallery