Atelier LUMA


In 2019 Assemble and BC Architects were commissioned by the Luma Foundation Arles to renovate a 2100m2 former 19thC train depot in the Parc Des Atelier, Arles.  The renovation provides a new workspace for the design and research laboratory Atelier Luma, including workshops for timber, metal, ceramic, and textile, alongside dedicated algae and mycelium laboratories, meeting rooms, desk and production space, library and resource centre.  

The Atelier Luma is focused on regionally oriented production, using design as a tool to respond to the environmental social and economic challenges we face today.  

“Through investigating the resources and know-how in our bioregion, and connecting different fields of expertise, Atelier Luma develop local solutions for ecological, economic, and social transition”

Working in close collaboration with the Atelier Luma, Assemble and BC set out an ambition to create a flagship piece of bioregional design that facilitates, encourages and expands the ambitions of the Atelier, presenting a new attitude towards materials, promoting and highlighting innovation in ecological and bioregional design practice.