The Blue


Assemble are working as part of a multi-disciplinary team including Hayatsu Architects and graphic designers Stinsensqueeze in collaboration with a range of community partners on Made in Bermondsey, a project that focuses on revitalising the market and surrounding area at the Blue, Bermondsey’s town centre.

The aim is to create better physical connections to the Blue, encourage public access to community buildings, make improvements to the high street and to transform the market through a range of careful interventions across a variety of scales.

These include the introduction of new pedestrian routes and traffic calming measures, wayfinding and murals, shop front refurbishment and new structures such as a clock tower and water fountain in Market Place.

The designs celebrate the Blue’s unique local history and culture whilst developing the infrastructure for market, events and everything in between, providing new opportunities for commerce, recreation and leisure.

The project involves local partners as part of the client team, a broader range of stakeholder through a steering group and invites input from a wider public audience at key points in the process through formal events and informal consultations: progress can be seen in the ‘Made in Bermondsey’ shop front in former commercial unit on Market Place.

With the core design team operating locally from Sugarhouse Studios, we also want to make
the most of extensive resources of Bermondsey’s wider creative economy, seeking opportunities to use locally-based producers, manufacturers [and residents] in the construction.

The project is funded by the Greater London Authority through the Good Growth Fund and the client team includes representatives from Southwark Council, the Blue Bermondsey Business Improvement District and other local organisations.

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