A Factory As It Might Be


A Factory As It Might Be was an architectural installation at A/D/O by Assemble, Granby Workshop, Will Shannon & collaborators. The installation was set up as a model factory, equipped with clay and an industrial extruder. 

The project explored the idea of itinerant production - exporting the experimental production approach of Granby Workshop from Liverpool to New York. The Factory was equipped with an industrial extruder and over the course of two months a range of experimental, extruded products were developed by the group working in residence at A/D/O.

The factory’s first products were designed to add to the structure of the building itself. A cladding of ceramic shingles were made for the facade, alongside planters, dinnerware and door handles, creating a richly decorated building that was part workspace, part display space.

The factory’s equipment was then returned to Granby, with the intention that the skills and designs developed throughout production would be further developed by Granby Workshop, as a part of its ongoing growth in The Granby Four Streets in Liverpool.

Photography by Sam Nixon and Assemble