Bridport Housing


Bridport Housing was a propositional research project looking at new forms of community-led housing provision for rural and semi-rural contexts.

The aim was to design housing types that could take advantage of local technologies, skills and resources to provide relatively affordable but good quality and ecologically considerate homes.

The research project was run in partnership with the Arts Development Company, Bridport Town Council, arts organisation Common Ground and Wessex Community Assets. These partners brought an understanding to the project of the housing problem in Dorset from different perspectives from the policy context to the problems of the supply chain.

From this brief we developed a broad base of research that explored the problems and possibilities of building housing in that context varying from building in cob to the local work of Raymond Unwin.

As well as these types we explored and developed a prototypical construction method that would enable the houses to be built ecologically using largely local materials and skill.