10 Houses on Cairns Street


Assemble worked with the Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust (CLT) to refurbish 10 derelict terraced houses on Cairns St in Toxteth. The project was the result of a hard-won, 20 year battle by local residents to save the houses from demolition. The demolition of all but four of Granby’s streets of Victorian terraces during decades of ‘regeneration’ initiatives saw a once thriving community scattered, and left the remaining “Granby Four Streets” sparsely populated and filled with tinned up houses.

A resourceful, creative group of residents started to bring the neighbourhood back to life by clearing, planting, painting, and campaigning. In, 2011 they entered into an innovative form of community land ownership, the Community Land Trust, to secure 10 empty houses, and renovate them as affordable homes.

Assemble's involvement in Granby Four Streets aims to celebrates the value of the area’s architectural and cultural heritage, supporting public involvement and partnership working, offering local training and employment opportunities and nurturing the resourcefulness and DIY spirit that defines the four streets.

Granby Workshop was set up from the first range of products designed by Assemble for the 10 houses being renovated, and included bathroom tiles, door handles and fireplaces made in collaboration with Will Shannon – new architectural features made in Granby and reflecting the care, value and creativity invested in these homes.