Fourth Corner


Assemble are working with Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust on the next part of their ongoing project in the Granby Four Streets area of Toxteth in Liverpool.

The proposal is to develop a new-build two-storey building on the corner of Cairns Street and Granby Street with a ground floor café and one apartment above for rent through the Community Land Trust (CLT).

The proposal developed out of a long-term plan that the Community Land Trust and Assemble have been working on since 2015 to revitalise the ‘Four Corners’ at the crossroads of Cairns Street and Granby Street. Granby Street was historically a thriving high street that was the focus of community and commercial activity in the area. This project began with the reintroduction of the street market to Granby Street by the CLT and with Granby Workshop moving into one of the existing corner buildings.

The Fourth Corner building will be built on a currently vacant site on the crossroads. It has been designed to formally address the Victorian context of the Four Streets, with gables on Cairns Street and Granby Street and a generous cafe that opens up to the street at ground floor.

Assemble are working with Granby Workshop to develop a new ceramic tile made from recycled clay for the cladding which will continue the ongoing relationship the Workshop has developed in employing local skill to shape the built environment of the area.

The project is being supported by Power to Change, the Architectural Heritage Fund and Homes England. It is expected to be complete by late 2022.