Turner Prize Exhibition


For Assemble's contribution to the Turner Prize Exhibition 2015, we built a showroom to launch Granby Workshop to a wider public.

Prior to the launch, throughout the summer of 2015, we collaborated with a group of 12 artists, designers and makers in Granby to develop and expand the Workshop's initial product range.

Our starting point was a small collection of products that we had designed for the houses being renovated in the neighbourhood; this was expanded to encompass 27 products involving a range of production processes, including ceramics, woodwork and textile printing.

Throughout the duration of the exhibition, these products were for sale to the public on a pre-order basis. By the end of the exhibition in January 2016, enough orders had been made to formally establish the workshop as an independent company. Over subsequent years it has continued to grow and expand. 

The showroom itself was built as a 1:1 model of the shell of one of Granby's terraced houses, finished in bare pink plaster. Visitors entered the showroom through an unassuming doorway, set within Tramway's white gallery walls. The installation was accompanied by a catalogue, still available from Granby Workshop, explaining the broader context and backgound to the work in Granby. 

Granby Workshop
Granby 4 Streets CLT
Will Shannon
Lydia Hardwick
Niamh Riordan
Eva MacNamara
Sagar Sharma
Mohammed Saad
Vicky Opomu
Salma Noor
Sufea Mohamad Noor
Sumuyya Khader
Jacqueline Kerr
Paula Frew
Becky Christian
Paddy Brown
Evelyn Broderick
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