Ways of Listening


Ways of Listening was an exhibition presented by Assemble at the British School at Rome as part of Brave New World: New Visions in Architecture. The exhibition was centred around three UK-based projects developed or founded by Assemble with which we continue to have an active involvement: Granby Four Streets, OTOProjects and Baltic Street Adventure Playground.


Writing from Hazel Tilley, a Granby resident and board member of the Granby Four Streets CLT

Photographs of Granby by Sumuyya Khader, a Granby resident and member of the team at Granby Workshop

The projects were presented through the voices of collaborators, residents and volunteers, illustrating different approaches to work that have developed through incremental collaborative processes.

Left: GW - Mapping the Margins, Jacqueline F. Kerr
Jackie was one of the members of the original creative team at Granby Workshop. She worked alongside Assemble to print their textile displays for the Turner Prize 2015 exhibition, helping to fulfil the print orders that were received thereafter.

Right: Untitled, Vicki Opomu, artist and Granby resident.

Jesmonite sculptures made as part of an art-making workshop with the children of Baltic Street Adventure Playground and artist in residence Lauren Gault

Photographs, Google maps screenshots and playground detritus contributed by Alan Kennedy, a lead playworker at Baltic Street Adventure Playground

Ways of Listening provided an opportunity for us to reflect on the experience and the reality of long-term collaborative work from the point of view of the projects’ users. All works represent Assemble’s approach to practice – hands-on and interdisciplinary, employing a range of means to make spaces that support independence, creativity and difference.

Outcomes of children’s drawing class run by Billy Steiger at OTOProjects

Photographs of OTOProjects interior, Tom Wheatley 

Drawing on paper, Onyee Lo
Conceptual construction plan of an installation built to celebrate the opening of the OTOProjects space

OTOProjects artists Daniel Blumberg and Ute Kanngiesser performed in the gallery as part of the opening programme.

Photography courtesy of Giorgio Benni

Selected exhibition resources

Play Developing Place/Play Developing Practice – essay from Lee Ivett, Chair of the Baltic Street Adventure Playground Board

Fabric, Light PullAugust 2018 – poems by Paula Frew, Granby resident and member of the team at Granby Workshop

The Alternatives: how a Liverpool suburb upended its housing market – The Guardian podcast with Aditya Chakrabortty and Hazel Tilley, chair of the Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust

Project Space – MP3 from the album Geäder, recorded by Ute Kanngiesser in the OTOProjects space

This exhibition was made possible through the generosity of Takiyah Daly, Paula Frew, Jacqueline Kerr, Sumuyya Khader, Vicki Opomu, Michelle Peterkin-Walker, Hazel Tilley, Granby Workshop, The Guardian, The children of Baltic Street Adventure Playground, Alistair McCall, Will Cooper, Lauren Gault, Laura Harrison, Lee Ivett, Robert Kennedy, Alan Kennedy, Daniel Blumberg, Ute Kanngiesser, Ross Lambert, Lia Mazzari, Cressida Kocienski, Onyee Lo, Leah Millar, Tom Wheatley, Billy Steiger, Seymour Wright, Marina Engel and The British School at Rome.