Sugarhouse Studios Bermondsey


Sugarhouse Studios is a studio and events space in Bermondsey, South London, formerly based on Stratford High Street. Sugarhouse Bermondsey is located on the former site of a school, which is due to be demolished to make way for a large, developer-led housing scheme. In the interim, Assemble’s aim is to provide workspace for artists, designers and fabricators around a core of common facilities that enable and support co-working and collaboration.

Assemble converted the former school’s ground floor swimming pool and dance studios into a series of self-contained studio spaces. Tenants have shared access to a fully equipped wood workshop and mill, set-up and maintained by Workshop East.

Sugarhouse has provision for over 20 studios in total, which currently includes space occupied by artists, architects, ceramicists, designers, furniture makers, wood workers, metal workers, graphic designers, sound designers, record labels, music studios and a band practice room. Sugarhouse is occasionally open to the public via events, workshops and classes hosted by studio tenants.

Sugarhouse is run by Assemble, and functions as the workshop and workspace of the collective and many of our collaborators. The space has been used for the development, construction and assembly of numerous projects for the local areas and further afield.