Sugarhouse Studios Stratford


Sugarhouse Studios Stratford was a studio and events space based on Stratford High Street, conceived and built by Assemble in collaboration with the London Legacy Development Corporation. Sugarhouse Studios is now based in Bermondsey, South London, where it was relocated in 2016.


Sugarhouse Studios Stratford sought to find a way for private practice (space for research, design and construction) to be opened up to form the backdrop for a public building. The retro-fit of the building focused on exploiting the assets of the existing light industrial shed, making light touch, inexpensive adjustments to the fabric of the building that maintains flexibility of interior spaces.

Sugarhouse Studios Stratford hosted a wide variety of use; a café and pizzeria that operated throughout the Summer of 2012, a season of arts cinema, construction workshops with local school children, exhibitions, and late night events. 

Sugarhouse Studios Bermondsey continues to be the workshop and workspace of Assemble and many of their collaborators. In its iterations in both Stratford and Bermondsey, Sugarhouse has been used for the development, construction and assembly of numerous projects for the local areas and further afield.

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Cameron Dall
Ed Douglas