How We Build


Assemble were invited by the Architecturzentrum Wien (Vienna Architecture Centre) to make a solo exhibition about the work of Assemble, which ran June – September 2017. 

In Vienna, for the first dedicated exhibition of our work, we will present a collection of these prototypes. They will be represented through exploratory installations that incorporate a range of media to draw out the key research interests from built work. 

Collaboration and learning from others has been integral to our practice; through our projects we have been lucky to work with an unbounded range of specialists - from activists and artists, to gardeners and engineers. The presentation of these projects will similarly invite contributions from many of those people who we have developed the projects with us.

Projects that will be explored include The Cineroleum (2010), Blackhorse Workshop (2012), Baltic Street Adventure Playground (2013), The Granby Four Streets (2012-ongoing) and Goldsmiths Art Gallery (2016).

Ranging from the very first project we undertook to those which are still in formative stages of development, we hope to honestly portray the engagement of optimistic ideas and working practices with messy, real world situations.

This show will also feature a collaboration with architecture students at TU Vienna, where two Assemble members are acting as visiting professors. The studio will explore alternative models of construction in Vienna – documenting historical examples within the city alongside new proposals for collective building systems.

Katherine Spence