Campo Winterthur


Image by Nora Walter

Assemble and Weyell Zipse were shortlisted in a major international competition to produce a design for Campo - a new headquarters for both the Foundation for Art, Culture and History (SKKG) and Terresta in Winterthur, Switzerland.

Campo will be a 23,000 square metre mixed use complex that contains: a large archive of cultural objects owned by SKKG, offices for SKKG, Terresta and others, apartments and a range of public uses including galleries and restaurants.

'Raid the Icebox' by Andy Warhol, image: RISD Museum

Image by Nora Walter

We arranged the building around a generous internal courtyard, raised above the surrounding ground in order to accommodate the archive. This is the central space of the scheme providing a communal environment in which tenants, residents and public visitors can all congregate, mix and watch a film, do some gardening or have a coffee.

The Cortile del Belvedere by Donato Bramante, image: RIBA

The Cortile del Belvedere by Donato Bramante, image: Étienne Dupérac  

The public aspects of the programme are arranged within a building that faces onto the Eulachpark.

Drawing by Weyell Zipse

The other aspects of the programme form the other three sides of the courtyard.

Two of the existing buildings - a large office building, and a small domestic house are retained and reused within the scheme.

Image by SKKG

Image by SKKG

The building is a hybrid structure using concrete where it is required such as the archive and basement structures, and then combining this with timber structure at the higher levels - exposing this where possible such as in the two-storey tall hangar space.

The public building has a load bearing stone colonnade at its base and then above a system of compressed hemp panels on a timber structure. Elsewhere timber structure is infilled with compressed earth blocks or existing corrugated metal sheeting is reused as cladding.