GROW Totteridge Farm


Assemble are working with GROW to make a working farm in North London that provides opportunities for young people to reconnect with farming, food, and nature.

Situated on a 6 acre site in the green belt in Barnet, the farm will work closely with its neighbour the Totteridge Academy to provide educational and training opportunities.

The site will grow vegetables and fruit for sale to the local community and businesses as well as for use in the Academy’s school canteen. As well as growing produce, the site will be home to bees, chickens and hopefully in time sheep and goats. 


The farm practices regenerative farming, a form of agriculture that seeks to produce food whilst enhancing biodiversity through low or no-till practice, cover crops and rotation, planting diversity and minimal physical disturbance.

Assemble have worked with GROW to develop a strategic masterplan for the site underpinned by a series of design principles. They have also developed designs for key parts of the built infrastructure.