Pitch for a Pitch


Grassroots women's football is a radical act: it is a tool to shift perceptions of how women can be in public space

We need a site that has space for a new pitch space and a new building.  We are also interested in existing pitches with space for a new building or existing pitch space and an existing building that can be adapted. 

Please download the document here for more information on budget, timescale research and design. Help us make this project a reality. 

With thousands of fans flocking to the UEFA Women’s Euros, both audiences and participation in the women’s game at all levels are reaching record numbers. Not since before the 1921 UEFA ban when women’s football had a profile and popularity exceeding the men’s game has there been a similar momentum - the time to invest in the infrastructure needed to support and grow the game from the grassroots up is now.

Assemble are looking for land on to build new pitches and facilities that can improve provision for girls football across the UK. Spaces that are designed to be catered for everyone often result in only the loudest voices being heard. Distinct spaces for distinct user groups are vital to stop one particular group taking over. We propose to direct the momentum of a pivotal time in women’s football towards the grassroots scene, capitalising on the growing exposure of the Women’s game globally to improve access and quality for local groups of all ages and abilities.

As a catalyst for this change, we are advocating for new facilities, stands, booking systems and supportive infrastructure that can foster a stronger culture of support and participation for female-led football across the UK.

‘Research has found that 59% of teenage girls who used to be interested in sport drop out due to inadequate opportunities and facilities’.

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